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A group of every day people from varying walks of life who decided to increase our income by getting involved in the 5 Trillion dollar Travel industry. We are independent advisors that work together with over 100,000 other travel advisors worldwide partnering with a professional agency that has over 30 years experience. Many of us have full time professions and use this as an opportunity to earn commission and save on personal and professional leisure, entertainment, travel and tourism as well as helping our friends and loved one save too.


As a busy hairdresser with a bustling client list, you have the perfect opportunity to offer additional services and earn extra income. Why not become a honeymoon planner for your clients by using our exclusive discounts to book luxurious vacations?

For frequent business travellers, imagine staying in top-rated hotels like The Hilton and Radisson for significantly discounted rates when you sign up with us.

Are you an actor, celebrity, preacher or makeup artist who travels often? Take advantage of our deals on accommodations, car rentals, and flights – earning money back on every booking. Wedding planners can take the stress out of outsourcing by using our discounts to arrange unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette parties for their clients.

Even single parents or family members looking for affordable group travel options can benefit from our discounted rates. With us, you'll save money while creating priceless memories with your loved ones. All this and more is just a click away!

Make your dreams a reality with this opportunity - it can be your leisurely passion or your fulfilling career! We offer multiple avenues for income, so whether you desire to travel while earning (because let's be real, who wouldn't?) or transform this into a thriving home-based tra
vel business and cultivate a vast client base through face-to-face interactions and social media, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you have an entrepreneurial spirit and aspire to establish a residual income that grants you ample time and financial freedom to live life on your own terms - the choice is entirely up to you, with our unwavering support and guidance no matter which path you embark on.




Not only do you have the potential to make money through commission, but also by sharing this opportunity with other travel enthusiasts. Imagine being able to help others achieve their dream of traveling while earning money in return. It's like when you recommend a food service like 'Hello fresh' to a friend and they reward you with £50 in credit as a thank you - our company works in a similar way. By referring others to our business model, they too can earn and save on all their travel bookings, and you will receive a referral fee directly into your bank account. With multiple opportunities to get paid each month, you have the chance to build a residual monthly income that can even be passed down to your loved ones. Residual income is powerful and once others see how you are living your best life - traveling and earning simultaneously - it's inevitable that other travel lovers will want to join in on the journey. Watch the video below or contact us for more information on how you can start earning while fulfilling your dreams.


One-off joining fee of £142 *(179.99 US approx)

You then pay £32 a month  ($39 approx) from the second month as the first month is FREE

One-off joining fee of £142 ($179.99) which gets you started as an Independent Travel Agent and gives you the credentials to be globally recognised within the travel industry. The joining fee includes a 30 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason it isn't for you, you can opt out within this time. We are affiliated with InteleTravel, who are a multi award winning international company who have been in the industry for over 30 years so you can rest assured you are starting your business with a hugely reputable company. InteleTravel's ABTA number is P7384 and ATOL is 12022 and these credentials are what we operate under.

You then pay £32 ($39 approx) a month (from the second month) which covers your limitless support, admin, insurance and back office systems all run by our host agency 24/7. 

Fundamentally, it works out just over £1 a day to give you a ready made business in a box! 

Additionally, why not maximise this opportunity for an additional £15 ($19.99 approx) per month (totally optional) allowing you to earn another stream of income simply by sharing this incredible travel programme with others, literally like a referral!

If you have any questions please click the 'Let's go' button below to complete form and member of the Divine Travel Team will be in contact with you shortly. 


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