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Frequently asked questions

At Divine Travel Associates, we understand deciding to take on a new venture can be stressful. That’s why we’re here: to provide exclusive one to one support, mentorship, group chats and team building. People have joined us from all walks of life such as single parents on limited state income, widows/widowers, working professionals, stay at home mums, church leaders, hairdressers/beauticians who want to expand their client services. Artistes and celebrities who travel and want to receive commission themselves instead of giving it to a third party. Travel is not all we do. Earn extra money on theatre trips, spa days, leisure activities, car hire, sporting events, concerts. The list is endless and so is your earning potential. You may have some concerns, Please read some common answers below.

"There are no foolish questions, no man becomes a fool until he stops asking questions" 
Charles Proteus Steinmetz

What if I don't have time to run a business?

If you have time to book a hotel for your work trip, flight, or holiday that's the only time you need to do this as a minimum. Some use it as a business others use it as a personal travel subscription to save money on things they are doing anyway.NO targets, NO contract - use the opportunity however YOU like, this means book just for yourself, family, friends or build a network of customers if you wish.

How do I get commission?

This is simple; Commission is already built into any travel you make (anywhere!)

instead of paying those online search engines the commission, YOU earn the commission.

You will be given logins for your own online booking system - just like booking online. You search, you book, you pay and then you get paid the commission

I'm worried about starting this. How will I be supported?

ENDLESS amounts of support and business training is provided .coaching, online learning, webinars, you name it you are never alone in this community.

Surely it's not that easy to be a travel agent, what about all the licences and laws?

All bookings are covered by the necessary licenses & insurances needed to buy/sell travel via top-end suppliers and our host agency which is an established agency with 30 years experience. When you sign up you are given a personalised website which you can share or use for yourself and access to lots of suppliers.100,000 agents cannot be wrong.

What about the marketing? I don't want to recruit people.

You don't have to! Telling others about the opportunity is completely optional, and you are more than welcome to simply utilise the travel aspect. However you may find that when others see you cruising and staying in lavish hotels they may well ask you how you are able to achieve this. At that point if you choose to tell them and they wish to join you, wouldn't it be a shame to miss out on the opportunity of free money for the referral? and ongoing residual income by having them partner with you, simply because you failed to enrol as a rep?

Most of all as stated Whether you want to turn this opportunity into a lucrative, successful business and earn an extra income or just want to book, earn, and save on your own holidays, we have the most helpful and fun community to help you along your journey!


What are the types of discounts I get?

With Travel agent rates worldwide, You get access to some super crazy deals. Imagine going on a Royal Carribbean cruise with your partner for under £300 or staying in a hotel that would normally be over £100 a night for £50? The deals we get also include VIP boxes at concerts, theatre tickets, car hire, etc.

You’ll earn and save more than what the travel you book actually costs

What about the cost?

If you were to set up as a high street agent it would cost you thousands not to mention the cost of obtaining a licence and negotiating deals with suppliers. You are fortunate enough to have access to an international agency where all of the hard work has been done for you. for an extremely nominal fee of less than a cup of coffee a day you get a multi-thousand pound/dollar industry at your fingertips. We also have guarantees in place that ensure you get back way more than you put in if you follow the model. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are unhappy the payment will be refunded to you. 

Where will I find people to sell travel to?

Everywhere! How many times do people say they are off on holiday? Going to a wedding? staying in a hotel for work? What about your friends and family on social media? Deals are emailed to you on a regular basis, simply tell your colleagues, church, parents at your child's school, etc. that you are now a qualified Travel agent and watch the word spread. 

How do I sign up?

Contact us and we will guide you through the next steps! You don't purchase on this site. We will introduce you to the Agency portal after a free consultation.

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